The following publications are available online:

The RS 500: #18: Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run.

The RS 500: #74 Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush. 

Memoir Mixtapes, Issue 7: “Shake it Off.”

The RS 500: #83: The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Axis: Bold as Love.

McSweeney’s: List: Purchases I Plan to Make Using Sales from my New Poetry Collection

The Found Poetry Review, David Foster Wallace Commemorative Issue: Good Old Neon

Silver Birch Press, Celebrity Interview Series: Taylor Swift as Guided Meditation Leader

Stirring: A Literary Collection: For Ms. Karamalis

Lunch Ticket: No One Ever Told Me

Cease, Cows: Soliloquy of the River

Up the River: Three poems

Spartan: Negotiable

Pith: Correlation is Not Causation; or: There’s No Such Thing as Synonyms

American Journal of Nursing: Tour of the Lymphatic System

Drunk Monkeys: Excerpt of Admission and Performance

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